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Bethany'sGlogsteronWorkingas aWaitress

Like in the Asch experiment, the girls I worked with and I had to conform together to become stronger as a unit so we could work together and help each other out.

In the Milgram experiment, they studied obedience. All of the workers had to be obedient to the boss. Even if they weren't there, they trusted us to follow all the rules and do our job properly.

Like in the Zimbardo experiment, we had to follow our authority figure, even if they were mean or yelling at us.

All of the new girls that started had to learn the correct ways for doing things. If they didn't conform to the group they'd never be able to keep up with the fast pace of the restaurant.

The main authority figure was Dave, the owner, but when he wasn't there the manager, Amy, was in charge. If you didn't listen or talked back, the consequences weren't good. I hate to say it, but they abused their authority sometimes. Making us do things they really should've on their own. They made us just because they could.

Obedience was key to getting on the boss' good side. If you were obedient to them they liked you. If you weren't in the mood to work you better change your attitude quick before they said something to you.

Being taught that we are all supposed to work together, all of the girls would participate in groupthink. We all thought as a whole and not individually.

Many of the girls that worked there had a self-serving bias attitude; if they did something right they did it all on their own, but if they did something wrong it was all on someone else, for they feared getting in trouble with the boss.

When you're a waitress you have to be able to read your customer, to make sure they're happy. This is where the fundamental attribution error comes into, if you underestimate how unhappy youe customer is for whatever reason, the consequences could be bad.

Before the manager makes our sections of tables that we will be taking care of, the group must decide who gets any table that comes in. This is group polarization.



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