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beth anne's louis reil poster

The Louis Riel story and Manitoba's existance

similarities:The Metis were not being listened to by the government because the government was giving the Metis the scrips but not the actual land.

the Manitoba act was an agreement between the government of Canada and the provisional government of modern day Manitoba that said that you the Metis do something for the federal government and the federal government would do the same for the Metis. The people that lived in Manitoba were called the Metis, and they wanted the land. Canada's priminister at this time was Sir John A. Macdonald the first priminister of Canada. This act created the present day 5th province of Canada!

The reasons for the second metis up rising were:That the metis had an agreement and the federal government was going back on the agreement and bending the rules so the government could have what they want without breaking the agreement or treaty between the metis and themselves.The Metis tried to go through the Canadian government properly but the government turned the Metis away so the Metis took over a Duck Lake police station and then went through Frog Lake to go to war with the government.

this just in louis riel was hanged! stay tuned in for more!

ohhh poor louis riel was hanged on the date of... november 16, 1885. He was convicted of treason (the betrayal of ones country). Sir John A. Macdonald was burned in effigy in the streets of Quebec for this incident.

differences: -The Metis had another group of people(the Cree) to help them.-The Metis were going to go to war with the federal government just so the government would notice them. -The Metis were told they would be sent a pardon and they were not (this was stated in the Manitoba Act.)

Goverment control of the west.When the Canadian government took control of the west that was supposed to be the birth of Saskatchewan and Alberta as stated in the Metis bill of rights. The Metis and first nations had their government food rations stopped. the first nations people were told they were not able to leave their reserves unless they had permission from the government to leave the resserve.

by: Beth Anne Staples



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    good info and it looks great!

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    Make sure you have all of the required information. Check the teacher glog for this. You have a voice on the page and it is entertaining. -Mrs. Tims