beth anne manitoba schools question

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beth anne manitoba schools question

The Manitoba schools question was when the canadian government tried to stop funding french schools, this caused the french anger. The French people got their say in things and Thomas Greenway made an attempt at fixing the problem and this was working for a while, the solution to the problem was he made the rule that said if there were more than 10 French kids in one class they would be taught in French seperately.

What was the Manitoba Schools Question?

I am Thomas Greenway,The Manitoba Schools Question was a big deal in canadian history! It made a difference in what launguage Quebec speaks! I took all the French schools away and alot of people were made at me for doing this. I took the schools away because I didn't have enough funds to keep them going so I took advice from the British priminister and stopped funding French schools, but because so many people were mad at me, I made a deal with the French speaking comunity that if there were 10 or more French students in a class they would be taught seperately from the english students and this was working until the British government started shipping more Anglophones (English speaking) peoples over to Canada, then the Fracophone (French speaking) peoples were angry again.

This guy,Thomas Greenway says...

This guy is Thomas Greenway.

Soon the Manitoba Schools Act came as a result of the Manitoba Schools Question leaving many people content with how the school system is now, to this present day we have French Imersion Schools that teach only in French. After the arguing was all over it came back to make the British look worst than sir. Thomas Greenway which you may find surprising, but it's true.

the Quebec flag.

The fleur-de-lis (off the province of Quebec's flag).



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