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Mz. Brooklyn ! The dancing one of them all !

Mz. Connecticut ! The classy and sophisticated one of them all !

Mz. Jersey ! The crazy one of of them all !

These girlz are my sister's for life no matter what happens !

The Power Puff Girlz ! ! !

Now a days, qurlz think dat dey can jus cum up ta us and say wateva dey want nd not expect ta get cursed out. Let me inform you about us, we don't take no ish from nobody, not even our parents. Nd if you got something to say to us, you know where we stay. But until then, if you wanna act hard and tough, don't cum ta the quad with all dat. Bkuz we will get all up in ya case. Bkuz I know I will so don't mistake me for sum sweet azz little girl, bkuz I come hard and strong with minez so baqq back tricks ! ! ! ! ! ! Straight lke dat ! ! ! !

I hate qurlz who jus constently run dey mouth, fa no reason at all. So herez wat dey need ta do, shutup nd stp runn dey mouth bkuz wen da quad cumz around dey b on hus mode so dats wat dey need ta keep doin. U cn tllk ya ish behind my back bt wen i comfront u bout it u say,"oh no i wasnt tlkn bout u ta nobody nd i ddint say nuthn bout u." Dat mean u a scary little itch. U cn tlk ya tlk, bt wen we comfront u dnt b on hus mode, cum nd say wat u say, kuz God knows we do. We aint scared of nun of deze little qurlz out here. Country Bumpkins ! ! ! ! !



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