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Clairifi Notes 1.) solarium 2.) nietzsche 3.) uneventually 4.) benidiction 5.) meticulously


EffectMarvin must make and copy more drawings beacause Marvin is the one who can draw

CauseMarvin makes a wonder drawing and because james can't tell about marvin so he gets the credit

Meet the chacters


MarvinArtisticFunon-the-safe-sideCaringmust-do-it kind of guy

James Dad ChritinaArtistic CalmQuestioner CaringCalm HappyCaring Supportive

The Pomaday AdultsSupportiveDemandingBusy people

Events1.) Marvin makes the drawing2.) James discovers Marvin3.) They are going back-and-forth to the museum making and copying drawings 4.) Christina makes a plan to "steal" the copy of fortitude and find the missing Durer drawing with that painting by a tracking device5.) The plan goes wrong and the real almost gets "stolen"6.) Things get straitened out 7.) James breakes his arm 8.) Marvin sees his drawings on the wall and has a little art studio with paper ink and a little table in a new room his parents made


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