Best Teaching Practices

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Best Teaching Practices

I thought pillar VI: Best Teaching Practices proved to be the most significant points in this chapter. These practices lay the foundation for successful integration of arts and should attempt to be followed.

4. Create Inquiry and Authentic Art

3. Engagement and Active Learning

1. Center Stage: Teachers and Instructional Quality

2. Inside-Out Motivation

Integrating the Visual Arts Throughout the Curriculum

Get Inspired

Best Teaching Practices

5. Explicit Teaching

Use research, knowledge and philosophy to find practices that stray from outdated and convenient traditions.

Activate intrinsic motivation with challenges that have goals, connect to sutent interest, offers choices and involve group work.

Engage in strategies that are head, heart, and hands-on learning.

Use the five senses to engage students in inquiry and authentic art.

Teach who, what, how, when and why through demonstration and coached practice.



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