Best Glog Eva!

by Britt66
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Best Glog Eva!

Best Friends Madison and Britt!

All About Our Pets!Madison and I have had pets ever since we were little. Madison has a ADORABALE dog named Coco, 2 cats named Frijole and BJ. I have 2 dogs named Snickers and Harley, 2 cats named Jessie and Woody!

I have a best friend. Her name is Madison and she is AWESOME! We have known eachother since we were 3! And we have done everything together ever since!

The Story Of Our FriendshipMadison and I met when we were 3 years old. It was when my friend Gracie introduced me to her. We started hanging out more and more and soon we were BEST FRIENDS. We were there for eachother during the bad times and the good. We always were eachothers shoulder to cry on. Never ONCE did we ever grow apart.

Pssst! Here are some facts about her! She loves the color blue!She loves dogs AND cats equally.She loves Cookie Dough Ice Cream!She plays on Fantage!


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