Best Foot Forward

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Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward

Joan Bauer

By:: Gianna Aquino

Jenna Boller:: She is the main character! She is hardworking and brilliant, and doesn't tolerate nonsense or immaturity. Jenna is responsible and is counted on by the manager of a big shoe company, In the story she must balance a whole life of romance, corporate lies, an alcoholic father, and help manage a juvenile delinquent. Yay?

Who What Where When Why

This story takes place in Chicago, Illinois mostly in a store called "Gladstone Shoes" ran by Mrs. Gladstone. Mrs. Gladstone has a line of stores all over the state. This means she must order alot of shoes (duh...)! What Mrs. Gladstone doesn't know is that her BEST shoe brand is being shipped from a Thailand sweatshop. The officials (POLICE!!) soon here about it and awares the public! Jenna thinks this will be the end of Gladstone Shoes, but Mrs. Gladstone knows everything will be alright. She was right! The court chose in favor of Mrs. Gladstone and concluded the case. I guess everything turned out fine...Maybe? >:)

Mrs. Gladstone is a hard working "older" woman. Even though she has a horrible hip, she drags her cane everywhere doing as much as her body lets her. She is the proud manager of Gladstone Shoes and employs a handful of dependable workers. Even though she is strict sometimes, it's for the best! Mrs. Gladstone will always look out for you!

Close your beautiful eyes! Picture this... You are walking down the street and you come across a store. The store has big windows made of glass and above is a huge sign announcing "Gladstone Shoes". You walk in and you see rows of all different types of shoes. Boots, sneakers, sandals, cleats. On either side of the room is a whole wall stacked with the best brands of shoes. To the left is the mighty Murray. He's helping the next customer with the biggest cheesy smile on his face. To the right is Jenna helping a little girl try on a pair of shiny, hot pink, ballet slippers. Open your eyes...

Who What Where When Why

In the story a young girl, Yaley, and an even younger boy, Webster, walked into the store looking around for shoes. So, Murray (an employee) helped them. Little did he know-they were only a distraction! Soon a teenage guy came in. He had "...tan skin and short, curly hair and walked toward the athletic shoes. A long scar ran from just below his left eye to his jaw." He was mischievous. Murray got distracted and soon all Jenna heard was "Come back! Thief!!!!" The teenage guy ran out the store with 4 boxes of shoes. His name is Tanner Cobb...

Who What Where When Why

I truly recommend this book, especially to readers who love a good plot and lots of laughs! The author has a strong use of dialogue and the characters are relatable. Plus, embedded inside the whole novel are real life situations that people might go through every day. But Joan makes these situations sound manageable. You may take a good look at the book and think "BOORRRINNNGG!", but hasn't anyone ever told you not to judge a book by its cover? Read the book!

Ahh...Where to begin. The likes? I loved how Joan made all of the characters likeable, even the bad-boy Tanner. Plus, there were many characters I could relate to. That's sometimes hard to find in a good book. I mean hey there ARE plenty of good books out there but who can say "He's a vampire? No way me too!" I also liked the way that Joan Incorporated real life problems. But in her story she made them "not so horrible". She made the issues seem exciting! That sounds weird huh? ...The dislikes? I have none! I loved everything about the book! :)

Can You See It?

Who What Where When Why

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