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Chemical Elements

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Interesting Facts

-part of alkaline earth metals-second lightest metal-very toxic-atomic number is 4-atomic mass is 9.01-44th most bountiful element on the earth's crust-U.S.A., China and Kazakhstan are the only countries that currently process substances with beryllium-non-magnetic

Beryllium oxide was originally discovered in 1798 by Louis-Nicholas Vauquelin in France; however, he was only able to find the substance in emeralds and beryl. Later, in 1828, Fredrich Wohler of Germany and Antoine Bussy of France were able to isolate the beryllium. It's first use was on telephone switchboards as the conductor for the spring components.

The metal is used in spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft. Beryllium is sometimes used for the windows of X-rays because without absorbing, the metal allows the rays to pass through.The metal is also very common in an alloy with copper used for heavy machinery, automobiles, household appliances, computers, and many other uses. Beryllium is also included in an alloy with aluminum used for helicopters to create a metal that is lighter than aluminum alone. About 95% is obtained through the extraction of 0.3-1.5% beryllium from other mined minerals.

Physical Properties: Chemical Properties:-brittle -reacts with acid-hard -reacts with water-dark grey colour -briefly reacts with oxygen-very light (least dense) -boiling point of 2970-melting point of 1278-density of 1.8477g/cm cubed

Societal Applications

Physical Properties and Chemical Properties

NASA uses beryllium as part of an alloy to build spacecraft which perform better due to its light weight.

Beryllium Ore

Beryllium and Copper alloy

Beryllium and Aluminum alloy

By: Sarah Thompson and Alexandra Day


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