Bernoulli's Principle

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Bernoulli's Principle

My scientist is Daniel Bernoulli. He is famous for discovering the Bernoulli principle, which applies the law of conservation of energy to fluids. Besides that Daniel excelled in many fields of science contributing brilliant ideas that shaped 18th century scicnce. When Daniel was a student he studied logic, philosophy and mathematics. He earned for a masters degree at age 16. He finished his medical studies in 1721,, writing an essay on breating called, "De respiratione." Daniel discovered alot of subjects including probabllity and fluid motion. His work impressed the scientific communnity so he was offered a teaching position at the St. Petersburg Academy. His older brother was also invited to teach Mathematics. Later on in 1725, he won his first prize from the French Academie Royalo des Sciences. He later won another nine. I found Daniel to be a very smart man in all of the fields he studied.

Family History

Daniel Bernoulli's dad, Johann Bernoulli was a professor of mathematics at the university of Groningen. In 1705 ,when Johann took over his brother Jakob Bernoulli's chair of mathemaics at the univeristy of Basel, the family returned to Switzerland. Daniel published his first book entitled Hydrodynamica in 1738. His father Johann, who was jealous of his Daniel's success then published a book called Hydraulica and predated it to 1732 in attempt to take credit for his sons ideas.

"Nature always tends to act in the simplest way"-Daniel Bernoulli

My scientist, Daniel Bernoulli, discovered the Bernoulli principle.


This is a picture of Daniel Bernoulli and one of his equations.

Daniel Bernoulli's father, Johann Bernoulli.

This is a picture of Daniel's book Hydrodynamica.

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