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Social Studies

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The video talks about the important facts about Germany as well as it's symbols, and cultural landmarks.

Fast Facts - ...the Berliner Gemäldegalerie opened in 1998combing the great paintings from the Bodemuseum (located in the former East) with those of the museum in Dahlem (in the former west part of the city), making it one of the most visited art museums in Europe. - ... the most famous pastry in Berlin is a pancake stuffed with marmalade.Throughout Germany this is known as a Berliner – but in Berlin it’s just a pancake. And what the rest of Germany knows as a pancake is called an Eierkuchen (egg cake) in Berlin.


This is one of the main sites!

This is what the local food looks like.

The Literaturhaus on Fasanenstrasse, the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin, the Literaturforum at the Brecht-Haus, and “Lesart,” are a center for books for children and young people with four different venues for readings and literary events.


Berlin is very green! 1/3 of the land area are parks, forests and lakes.

Berlin was seperated by a 11' 10" wall that was practicially built overnight night seperating East and West Germany. The was was built August 13 1967 and was destroyed November 9 1989.

This is the local map!

On November 10th, Germans celebrate Martin Luther's birthday which is called Martinstag and they sing "Ich geh mit meiner Laterne."

This is the Coat of Arms!


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