Berlin Wall

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Berlin Wall

On August 12,1961, the East Berlin leader, Walter Ulbricht, signed soviet papers to build the Berlin wall. The wall was built to keep communist East Berliniers from escaping to free West Berlin. After 28 years of existence, in November 1989 it was finally taken down after much protest and allowed West and East Berlin to be unified again.

Modern Graffiti Berlin Wall

Headlines!History of the Wall

"New Berlin Wall" is a song about how both West and East Berlin enhabitants wanted the city to be re-united again. They just wanted to be free as a people and free to go to either side as they pleased, and dance together without a wall to seperate them.

The Berlin Wall was connected to the cold war because it is a symbolic display of the United States rivalry with the Soviet Union. The United States wanted East Berlin to become part of the Wests Republic, while the Soviets wanted East Berlin to remain communist. Also, the wall was an extent of the iron curtain.The west didn't know what was happening behind the east side of Berlin wall, much like we didn't know much of what was happening behind the iron curtian. The Berlin wall shows the Cold Wars two different views of the super powers seperated; the Soviet Unions communism and the U.S. nationalism/ democracy.

West Berlin Protests at Wall

Building the Berlin Wall

West Berlin Takes Wall Down

Berlin Wall



Cold WarConnections


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