Berlin Airlift

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Berlin Airlift

Berlin Airlift

When did it take place?

Why did the airlift have to take place?

What impact did it have on the people of Germnay?

What countries were involved?

Why was it considered a symbol of the cold war?


In 1946 the Soviets cut off food shipments from their zone into western Germany. This was a problem because eastern Germany produced the majority of the nations food, but western Germany had its industry.

East Berlin occupied by Soviets, attemted to take control of west Berlin. Their method was starving out the population and cutting off their businesses.

June 1948- May 12, 1949

*Harry Truman: President of USA*Gail Halvorsen:"Candy-Bomber" He parachuted food & supplies into Berlin*Ernst Reuter: German Mayor of west Berlin*Lucius Clay: American General

Who were the historical people involved and what were their roles?

-United States-United Kingdom-Soviet Union-West & East Berlin (Germany)

The Soviet authorities put a blockade on a main highway (Autobahn) connecting western Germnay to Berlin. President Truman was not happy and wanted to declare war, but instead created the Berlin Airlift project


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