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Social Studies
World War II

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Emily H.05-22-14

How would your life be different if you were held in the Bergen Belsen camp? If I was held in the Bergen Belson camp, I think I wouldn't be able to survive myself. It would be totally different because I would have a greater fear in life. Each day I would have to worry about surviving instead of planning my future and going to school. I think Bergen Belson was unnecessary because the people that were held, didn't deserve anything and was judged by their race or if they were LGBT.

What were the conditions? How did the people get treated like? In the beginnning of Spring of 1944, Bergen Belson was redesignated as a Recovery Camp, where prisoners of other camps get sick. The buildings in the camp were unable to provide rooms or sometimes even food, which lead to thousands of prisoners and all basic services collapse; which then leads to outbreak diseases. While Bergen Belson had no gas chambers, more than about 35,000 people died by starvation, overworking, diseases, bruility and medical experiments. By April 1949, more than 60,000 prisoners were incarcerated by makng two camps in Bergen Belson. (Bergen Belson Concentration Camp)

Describe the History of Bergen-Belson. During the Spring of 1943, Bergen-Belson was established and was known as a detention camp. The Foreign Affairs Office was also involved by establishing the camp an was administered by the SS administration's Main Office. The SS took over southern-half of Bergen-Belson (prison-of-war), located on the edge of the largest Military training ground in the German Reich. It was somewhat worse than a intermant camp but the conditions at first were better than other concentration camps. (Bergen Belson)


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