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Berenstain Bears

* Stan was drafted into the army in WWII. Because he was blind in one eye, he served as a medical illustrator.* Both Stan & Jan were born in 1923 and they met at a school for the arts.* They started off making cartoons for magazines together and didn't try making children's books until after their sons were born. * Their very first book was edited and published by Dr. Seuss himself!* In the 80's, their son, Mike, began creating Berenstain Bears books along with them. He has continued to write and illustrate these books since their deaths in 2005 & 2012.

* The Berenstain Bears website has a news section that tells about the new faith-based books featuring The Berenstain Bears.* The website also features videos of interviews with Jan Berenstain and her son just before she passed away.* There is an especially fun kids section with games and activities featuring the Berenstain Bears and their treehouse.

Complete list of Berenstain Bears books. It's HUGE!!!

* A publisher who turned down the first Berenstain Bears book did so because it was a cartoon. When Jan retorted that kids like cartoons, the publisher responded, "Well kids like a lot of things that aren't good for them!" * When Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss) became president of Beginner Books, they saw it as their chance to get their first book published. After all, Ted was a cartoonist too!* Their first book, "The Big Honey Hunt," was written when their son Mike was only ten years old. He eventually joined them in writing and illustrating their books and has continued to do so since their deaths.

The Bear Detectivesby Stan & Jan BerenstainFormat: Picture BooksGenre: Modern FantasyAudience: 4-8 years oldSynopsis: When Farmer Ben'sprize pumpkin is stolen, PapaBear the Detective is on thecase! Papa Bear is morehilarious than effective, and thecase ends when the pumpkin isfound... as a pie made by Mrs. Ben.

The Big Honey Huntby Stanley & Janice BerenstainFormat: Picture BooksGenre: Modern FantasyAudience: 4-8 years oldSynopsis: In their first book ever,the bears have run out of honey and it's up to Small Bear and his dad to get some. Papa Bear wants to find honey- not buy it. After run-ins with bees, skunks and other creatures, Papa Bear decides that buying his honey is a great idea after all.

The Bears' Christmasby Stan & Jan BerenstainFormat: Picture BooksGenre: Modern FantasyAudience: 4-8 years oldSynopsis: Brother Bear gets a set of skis, a sled, and ice skates for Christmas, and Papa Bear is determined to teach him how to use them... no matter how many times he's injured. (Or turned into a giant snowball.)

The Berenstain's B Bookby The BerenstainsFormat: Picture BooksGenre: Cumulative TaleAudience: 4-8 years oldSynopsis: This books contains only words that start with B. As a cumulative tale, it gets sillier and sillier until the very end when it turns out the whole story was to explain what broke Baby Bird's Balloon. (This book is a tongue twister, for sure!)

Bears in the Nightby Stan & Jan BerenstainFormat: Picture BooksGenre: Cumulative TaleAudience: 4-8 years oldSynopsis: A cumulative tale, this books chronicles seven bears who climb out of bed and go through many creepy parts of the forest to get to Spook Hill... only to immediately run home after being scared by an owl.

Interesting Facts about the Berenstain's.

Stan & Jan Berenstain


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