Berenstain Bears

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Berenstain Bears

Their full names are Stanley Melvin Berenstain and Janice Marian Grant. Both were born in 1923 in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaFirst book published in 1962Total sales of the series is over 250 million copies.

Website*Good for kids**Easy to get around**Colorful*


First published with Dr. Seuss

The names of the characters were developed for young readers.

Jan was drawing up until she passed away.

They all would trade off from writing to drawing.

Jan finished a book her and Stan started many years ago.


GO TO THE DOCTORAges 4-7Paperback, PicturebookThe family goes to the doctor.They learn to overcome fears and that its not so bad.

GET THE GIMMIESAges 4-7Paperback, PicturebookBrother & sister bear want everything they see. They throw fits. Momma & Pappa teach them about money and appriciation.

DON'T POLLUTEAges 3-7Paperback, PicturebookBrother & sister bear start and earth savers club to stop the pollutiong Bear Country.

MESSY ROOMAges 5-8Paperback, PicturebookBrother & sister bear learn to work together to clean their room.

TOO MUCH JUNK FOODAges 5-8Paperback, PicturebookThe bear family is getting way to unhealthy. With the help of Doc they turn their life around.Learning nutrition and healthy habits.

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Stan & Jan Berenstain



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