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Language Arts

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Grendel; a Man eating monster - "He saw the many warriors in the building, that band of kinsmen asleep together, and his spirit laughed: that monster expected to rip life from the body of each one before morning came. He expected a plentiful meal. "

Fairy tale elements

Beowulf's Super-human strength - they saw me come from battles stained in the blood of my enemies, when I destroyed a family of giants, when I endured pain all night, killing water monsters, grinding them to bits, to avenge for the Geats those who asked for misery

Fire-breathing Dragon - The fiend spouted fire, burned bright houses-- the glow of fire stood out, a horror to the people. That terrible sky-flier wished to leave nothing alive.


Swords - Grendel's soul, that no battle sword could harm him-- he had enchantment against the edges of weapons.He swung his battle sword quickly--he did not hold back--and the ringed blade sang a greedy war song on her head. But the guest found that the flashing sword would not bite, could not harm her life-- the edge failed him at need.the ornamented sword burned up-- so hot was the blood, so poisonous the alien spirit who died there.

Golden Torque "neck-ring" - Enjoy this neck-ring, beloved BeowulfHe unfastened from his neck, his golden necklace, gave it to the brave young warrior

Herot "mead-hall" - Then it was ordered that Herot be decorated.Herot was filled with friends she came to Herot where the Danes slept in the hall.


Monsters - constant attacks from Grendel, the Mother, and the Dragon

Herot "Mead Hall" - safe haven for the villagers and warriors in denmark eat, sing, and sleep. the community keeps with tradition and pass stories

Biblical themes - good vs evil (Grendel and Beowulf), God deciding Beowulf's fate, Danes forgetting God

Christianic view of paganism - recognition of god, and Grendel as a descendent of Cain, Heaven and Hell with Grendel and his mother.

Interpretation of Beowulf

the English Author wanted to praise heroic ideals; courage, self-sacrifice, determination..

Moral Meaning of Beowulf

Loyalty, bravery, courage, and Heroism is greatly valued; they are rewarded for their efforts


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