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These lines are important because the book exposes the real fear that consumes grendel that he has never felt before which emphasizes the heroic effect that beowulf has


Line 432: "That shepherd of evil, guardian of crime, Knew at once that nowhere on hearth had he met a man whose handrs were harder; HIs mind was flooded with fear-but nothing could take his tallons and himself from that tight hard grip"

Grendel and Beowulf

Lines Read442-504

Most Important line



SettingBeowulf, Grendel, and some warriors are inside Herot, a building built to last and endure a grand battle, fighting to avenge fallen soldiers

Significant Events1.Grendel walks around killing warriors2. Grendel fights beowulf3. Beowulf pulls grendels arm off and grendel runs away4. Grendel dies while running home from damage.

sinew- a piece of tough fibrous tissue uniting muscle to bone or bone to bone(line 497) writhe- make continual twistin, squirming moements or contortions of the body(line 448)ancestral- of, beloning to , inherited from.( line 447)

literary devices:Kennings:(line 490) "the afflicor of men"(like 472)"the mighty protector of men"alliteration"(ine 443)flights fasten and fistPatronym:(494)"higlacs brake follower"


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