Beowulf Monomyth

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Beowulf Monomyth

Hero With a Thousand Faces.

Lasting Impact

The epic poem Beowulf inspired many authors and screenwriters to create epic tales like J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and George Lucas's Star Wars.

Mono, from the Greek mónos meaning alone, only, or single, the idea of the monomyth is that ALL myths are the same myth with cultural and stylistic variaions. Some argue that all stories follow a variation on this same Heroic Epic.

Beowulf; The Replicated Hero.


Joseph Campbell wrote a book, arguing that the heroic journey is something that transcends time and cultures. Carl Jung took this idea even further and clamed that it this cycle is an integral part of the subconcious of every human

Grendel's Really Bad Day.

What other stories can you apply it to?


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