Beowulf - Character Analysis

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Beowulf - Character Analysis


Beowulf is the ideal epic hero of all other heroes. He has the qualities that a hero must have such as bravery, courage,strength, intelligence and honor.The major event in Beowulf life are following:1) After Grendel attacks herot; Beowulf fights and kill Grendel.2) Grendel's mother takes Grendel's arm, and kill Aeschere.3) Than Beowulf fights and kill Grendel's mother.4)King Hrothgar praise Beowulf as king5)At last Beowulf with the assistance of Wiglaf, fights and kill the dragon.Going to all the event of his life, Beowulf get killed by the dragon.

Grendel's Mother

Grendel's mother is another demonic descendant of cain.After her son's death by attacking Herot hall. She manages to kill man, she is alarmed by the strength of a warrior. After all this things happen beowulf follow her to her lair and beheads her with a sword that he find there. she also get killed by brave beowulf after defeating her.

Grendel is an intelligent and temperamental monster. Thoughout the novel Grendel first attack Herot when he listen to the music. After than he fight against beowulf, there he lose his hand and get killed by beowulf. In fact Grendel is such a dangerous, horrible monster emphasizes the greatness of Beowulf when Beowulf destroys him.


The dragon, on the other hand, is symbolic of death and evil, perhaps even the devil. The dragon is describe as a serpent and scaly and breathes out fire.Even though beowulf wants to give the dragon's treasure to the geats, it is buried with him, symbolically linking beowulf with death.


Character Analysis


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