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-=+=- Fast Facts -=+=-1.Beorn cares for his animals more than himself.2.Beorn followed the dwarves when he let them use his ponies to get to the forest but he didnt allow them to take them threw the forest.

Beorn is a "skin changer", he is able to be a BEAR!

Beorn is mean in the beging and then near the end he turns to trust the dwarves alot more.

Beorn is a dynamic and flat character because, he changes by trusting the dwarves more. We chose flat because we knew almost enough about him for round character just not everything so we chose flat.

Beorn is our character. Beorn is a man with huge arms and lots of body hair. He also is a skin changer that can change into a big black bear.

Caleb and Kelsey

3.Gandalf believed that Beorn was either a descendent of the bears who had lived in the Misty Mountains before the arrival of the giants, or he was a descendant of the men who had lived in the region before the arrival of the dragons or Orcs from the north.


Beorn gave the hobbits and Gandalf enough food to last their adventure and water carriers. He also told what not to do like getting into to the water in the forest as Bombour learns the hard way. Beorn arrived at the Lonely Mountain in time to strike the decisive blow in the Battle of Five Armies. In his bear form he slew the Goblin leader, Bolg and his bodyguards. Beorn also helped Bilbo and Gandalf home by showing them the way.


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