Bennetts adventure trip

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Bennetts adventure trip


Adventure trip

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1} Flight- The non-stop flight to Denver will cost around $378.52 round trip per ticket with United Airlines. This flight is #270 that departs at 7:05am local Baltimore time and lands at 8:53am local Denver time, and the flight back is also non-stop which leaves Denver at 7:37pm local Denver time 12:57am local Baltimore time 2} Lodging- For lodging we will be staying at the AAE Denver Ramada in downtown Denver that will cost around $2192.80 for the whole time and the hostel has transportation within 3 miles of the hostel. The hostel has many different features such as: WiFi, full service restaurant, business center, fitness room, and certain appliances. This hostel was rated 91% of 100%3} Activities- For activities this is what is in buget: US mint tour for free, Colorado state capitol building tour for free, Bikolope bike tours for $720.00 total with no taxes is the group deal, Denver art Museum costs $144.00 for everyone, Molly Brown house Museum for costs $144.00 for everyone and Molly Brown is a titanic survivor, and last but not least is going to see a Colorado Rockies game May 21st for $306.00 all of those activities are in buget.




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