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Benjamins glog


Where I’m fromI am from the cookie jar song from first gradeFrom the well mannered family and the Saturday barbequesI am from the leather basketball afterschool From the dishwasher that always needed to be reset I am from the wonderful weekend dinners and watching “Happy Days”I am from the sad times when I had to go to bed when I wanted to watch TVFrom the golden rule and the KushajI’m from the green grass of Norrfallsvikens Golf KlubI am from the thought to always “do the little extra”From my dad’s rock music taste and my broken kneecapI am from the time Miriam came home when she was newbornFrom the memories stored in the different houses that we have lived in

I like Photography

Favorite Foods

Where i am GoingMy goal by the end of the year is to become a better reader and enjoy reading books instead of taking it as a forced jobMy goal this semester is to make the Boys varsity and travel to BucharestMy goal of these four years of high school is making the honor role in most of the semesters so that i can go to a great university and get a job that i really want


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