Benjamin Lundy

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Benjamin Lundy

Benjamin Lundy

Benjamin Lundy was born on January 4, 1789 in Hardwick, New Jersey. His parents raised him to oppose slavery and violence. When he moved to Virginia at age 19, it made him aware of how bad slavery was .

- He esablished the first society starting with 6 people against slavery in 1815, over time it got bigger. - He made a lot of newspapers in Missouri in 1819, trying to get them to change thier mind about applying to be a slave state.- He wanted to do all he could to try and abolish slavery, he went to many states trying to get people on his side.

Born: January 4, 1789, Sussex County, New Jersey, NJDied: August 22, 1839, Lowell, Illinois, IL

Books: The war in Texas The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Margaret Chandler: With a Memoir of Her Life and Character


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