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Benjamin Kiser

Benjamin Kiser

LifeI was born in Chula Vista, California and moved to Tooele, Utah when I was about six. I graduated from Tooele High School in 2008 and have been at Utah State ever since. Originally, I was a Broadcast Journalism major but after my mission I decided that I wanted to teach social studies in secondary schools. I really like teaching because I enjoy the feeling of helping others understand something that is new to them.

My wife and I are big National Park gurus so we usually vacation at parks, historic sites, battlefields, or monuments. National Parks are beautiful, historic, and relatively cheap so they are fun trips for us. We have been to most of the parks and monuments in Utah, however, we do have a few remaining. I also lived for two years as an LDS missionary in New York.


Why Social Studies?I really enjoy history and politics. I think both disciplines are interconnected. History should inform politics and if history isn't effectively consulted bad policay can be enacted. I am very interested in the history of the western United States with particular interest in the history of United States public lands policy.


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