[2014] 19amelierba: Benjamin Harrison

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[2014] 19amelierba: Benjamin Harrison

BenjaminHarrison 23rd President

7 Significant Dates1852 Benjamin Graduated from college at Miami University1853 Benjamin got married to Caroline Scott1854 Benjamin went to Miami of Ohio in Oxford Ohio and studies law1861 Benjamin took over the supreme court reporter job1889 Became president1889 & 1890 Benjamin formed 6 new states in the US 1890 Signed the Sherman Antitrust act

ACCOMPLISHMENTS Benjamin Harrison accomplished many things. One of his most famous acts was in 1889 right after he was elected president when he formed six new states, in six months.This was the largest group of new states under one president. These states included North and South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming. Another one of Harrison's great accomplishments was that he signed the Sherman Antitrust act (as I said previously). Which said that Monopolies are not allowed and there can be competition and a free economy between businesses. All in all, Benjamin Harrison had a pretty successful life.

BIOGRAPHYBenjamin Harrison was born on August 20,1833 in North Bend, Ohio. He was the 6th Harrison named Benjamin. His Father was named John Scott Harrison and his Mother was named Elizabeth Irwin. When Benjamin was 14, he and his brother got sent to boarding school in Cincinnati. Ben and his father were planning on him going to Yale. However, in 1850 Ben’s mother died, so he ended up going to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After he graduated in 1852 Benjamin went back to Cincinnati to practice law. In 1853 Benjamin married a woman named Caroline Scott, and had three children;Mary, Russell and Elizabeth . After he got married, Ben found a temporary job at the federal courthouse. Later he became a prosecutor. In 1857, Harrison ran and was elected for Indianapolis city attorney. After trying and failing several times, Harrison was elected as a senator in 1880. In 1888 Harrison ran for the United States president and won. Overall, Benjamin Harrison had a very extraordinary childhood and life.

Lasting Impact Benjamin Harrison was known for a lot of things. One of the things he was known for was being the great grandson of William Harrison, a signer of the constitution. Harrison is also known for signing the Sherman Antitrust Act. The Sherman Antitrust Act said that monopolies are forbidden. This law says that there should be competition between companies in a free economy. President Harrison is also remembered for creating 6 states during his presidency.

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Benjamin Harrison was the 23 President


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