Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin

Growing up as a young man Benjamin was a very inventitive young kid. He experimented with the properties of oils and other materials.He worked for his brother at a newspaper factory and wrote letters to the editor to make the paper better by the alias Jane Dogood.Benjamin then proceeded to create his own newspaper company which became the most popular newspaper at the time. He slao wrote the Farmers Almanac containing phrases and saying that at the time were very popular.


Informs millions of Americans with his newspaperInvents electricityDrafts the Declaration of IndependenceConvinces France to become allies against the British

He created one of the most influential newspapers of the time.He popularized innovation and created many inventions like the Franklin Stove, bifocals, the first battery.He was one of Americas founding fathers. Contributing to the declaration of Independence and the current constitution.

Lasting Impact

Without him America would have not won the revolutionary war.


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England's Empire



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