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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin, one of the founding fathers, was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1706 and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1790.He was an original thinker, inventor and scientist.

During the War of Independence, Franklin became Pennsylvania's representative to the Second Continental Congress in 1775. He was one of the five members that created the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin made some changes in the Declaration. One of his key roles in the Revolutionary War was to be an ambassador to France, helping to draft the Treaty of Paris, which got the French army on the American's side and helped to turn the current of the war. He also took part in the constitutional convention and is the only founding father to sign all four major documents in the founding of the United States. These include the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Treaty of Paris and the Treaty Alliance with France. Benjamin was a firm believer of unity and decided to create a political cartoon of a snake cut into eight parts with the initials of the colonies which represented the unorganized, separate and weak colonies before the Revolution. He stated that a complete snake is dangerous and strong which mean that the colonies had a better chance at winning if they were united and co-operative.


"Well done is better than well said.""Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."


-Became known as the publisher of a newspaper "The Pennsylvania Gazette" in 1729.-Published "Poor Richard's Almanack" in 1733.-Hepled to launch projects to pave, clean and lighten Philadelphias's streets.-Had printing business and inventions such as heat-efficient stove, swin finns, the glass armonica and bifocals.-Turned to the study of electricity in 1750 including his kite experiment (Nature of electricity and lightning).

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-Benjamin Franklin wasn't trusted to write the Declaration of Independence as it was feared that he would put a joke in it. After signing the Declaration of Independence, he joked "Gentlemen, we must now all hang together, or we shall most assuredly all hang separately".-His picture has been on every $100 bill minted since 1928-He taught himself five different languages: Latin, German, Spanish, Italian and French


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