Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a great author and inventor. He began his career as a writer while working for his brother's printing press. Ben wrote articles under the name "Silence Dogood." He continued publishing and writing. One of his most famous writings is "Poor Richard's Almanac." Benjamin Franklin is probably more famous for his inventions. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. He is also credited with the creation of the lightning rod and bifocal glasses.Ben Franklin also accomplished more in his long life. He began America's first general hospital. Ben also started one of America's first libraries. He also helped create the United States Postal Service.Benjamin Franklin was also a well known politician. He began his career in politics in 1736 as clerk of Pennsylvania's Assembly. In, 1751, he won a seat in that Assembly. Franklin also played a great part during the French and Indian War. Benjamin Franklin also went to England to oppose the Stamp Act after the French and Indian War. He began serving in the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War. During this time, Ben Franklin was one of five men who helped write the Declaration of Independence, which he later signed. Franklin was also one of the men who helped shape the U.S. Constitution and government.


January 17, 1706 - Benjamin Franklin is born.1718 - 12 year old Benjamin became an apprentice to his brother.1722 - Ben begins writing as Silence Dogood.1723 - Ben runs away to Philadelphia.1730 - Ben marries and has a son.1752 - Ben discovers electricity.1776 - Ben helps write the Declaration of Independence.April 17, 1790- Benjamin Franklin dies.

Writing: Poor Richard's AlmanacInventions: electricity, bifocals, the lightning rod, early electric battery, Franklin stovePolitics: wrote Declaration of Independence, opposed Stamp Act, got the French to support the Patriots, developed the U.S. Constitution and U.S. government.

Lasting Impact

- Electricity (without it, you wouldn't be seeing this now)- U.S. Government

Jake Sundwall

Who Was Ben Franklin?by Dennis Brindell FradinIllustrated by John O'Brien

Benjamin Franklin



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Died:April 17, 1790

Born:January 17, 1706


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