Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin

Because Benjamin was such a hard working man, the governor asked Ben to lead an army. He wanted him to lead them against the French-held fort. He didnt know id he should or not. But after a couple of days he declined...

Benajmin always loved making newspaper. Most of his career was built off him starting off working for his brother. He signed a contract with his brother saying he will work for him for 9 years and give him food clothes a bed, and extra money for books.

Benjamin Franklin was born in Bostlon, January 17, 1706. Benjamin was one of ten siblings. He was the smartest out of all his siblings. He taught himself how to read at five, and read the Bible and the Volumes of Ministers' sermons. He went to Boston Latin school, but his father took him out. Ben was an aprentance for his brother's print shop, untill he was sent to jail and became the owner.


Benjamin franklin,invented the bifocals, he found that lightning was electricity, he invented the lightning rod, armonica, step ladder, and many, many more that we still use present day!



Starting Out

The $100Dollar Bill is a great symbol for Benjamin!

Benajmin Franklin died in 1790 just after falling into a coma and peacefully passed. He ws burried next to his wife and their son Francis


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