Benjamin Franklin

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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is famous for his political acts. He used to write popular almanacs such as Poor Richard which was the second best selling after the bible. He was also famous for finding that electricity can be used for power by hooking up metal wires into a box which shocked him leaving him unconcious. Ben also is known for signing the decleration of independence. Benjamin was very succesful in his life. He has changed many things.

choice 2Bens other choice was quiting Keimers shop. This choice led Ben into making his own writing company. His choice effected him because now he had to pay his workers but he earned lots of money from his companys books and almanacs. Keimer tried to get a jump on Ben because Ben was getting so much profit. Ben got even with Keimer and got his articles put in newspapers.

choice 1 Benjamin Frankilin decided to work for Keimers Shop for a year (a writing company) . This effected others who worked for Keimer too because Ben got so much pay which is the reason Ben stayed. When the unhappy workers told Keimer, Keimer wanted to cut Bens pay. Ben didnt like this idea so they argued over his pay. Finally, Ben quit working for Keimer.

choice 3Ben choice to cheat on his wife when he was away from her. This effected their relationship between there love life. His wife got really mad and left him. He chose to do this because during his trip to New York he went to pubs and couldnt control himself. He re-married later on with a younger women.

others can learn that cheating on your lover is a bad idea even when your far away from them


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