Benjamin Franklin

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Inventors and Inventions

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Benjamin Franklin

Signed the Definitive Treaty of Peace between Great Britain and the United States. This is called the "Paris Peace Treaty." It formally ended the American Revolution.

Benjamin Franklin is on the $100 bill!

Benjamin Franklindied in 1790at age 84

Benjamin Franklin worked as a printing apprentice for his brother, and later as a printer for a company in London. He also published several of his own pieces throughout this time. In 1728 He and a friend Hugh Merideth opened a printing business. In 1730 Ben became the sole owner of the business.

Benjamin Franklin was a very successful man from becoming a representative for several colonies to serving on the "Commitee of Five" and then signing The Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin Franklin

Also invented the bifocal lens.

1706Born in Boston Massachusetts

1718Successful Businessman

1741Invented the Franklin Stove

1752Kite/Electricity Experiment





Franklin serves as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.Franklin signs the Constitution of the United States.Franklin was elected president of the Pennsylvania Society for promoting the Abolition of Slavery.


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