Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin


1706 - Birth date1728 - Opens Printing press1752 - performs famous kite experiment1775 - Elected to Continental Congress; Submits Articles of Confederation of United Colonies1776 - Signs Declaration of Indepenence1787 - Elected president of the Pennsylvania SPAS1790 - Died

-Ben Franklin establishes the Junto club where tradesmen could get together and talk about current events. In 1743 he made it the American Philosophical Society who conducted research.-In 1731, Ben Franklin founds the first circulating library.-Benjamin Franklin published Poor Richard's Almanac which had much humor.-At the age of 30, Benjamin Franklin organizes Philadelphia's first fire company.-Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin stove in 1744-Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond established the first hospital in North America.-Benjamin Franklin also invented the odometer.-Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals to aid his failing sight.-Benjamin Franklin was a signer of the Declarations of Independence


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A Founding Father


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