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Benjamin Carson

Benjamin Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan. In 5th grade he was called dummy and was at the bottom of his class. Later that year he was at the top of the class and could identify almost anything the teacher showed him. He went to Yale and got a degree in psychology. His interest shifted to neurosugery and he began medical school. He became a neurosurgery resident at John Hopkins Hospital. At 32 he was the director of pediatric neurosurgery. In 1987 he made medical history with an operation to seperate twins conjoined at the head. A 70 member surgical team worked for 22 hours. The twins survived and can live independently


1951 - Was born Sep 181984 - Director of pediatric neurosurgery1987 - Seperated twins conjoined at the head2010-Elected into the NASI of medicine2013-Retired

Benjamin Carson separated twins conjoined at the back of the head. He worked with a 70 member surgical team for 22 hours. His other surgical innovatoins have included a hemispherectomy in which an infant was suffering from uncontrollable siezures has half its brain removed. This stops the siezures. The remaining half of the brain compensates for the missing hemisphere.

Lasting Impact

He will always be remembered because he saved many lives


Benjamin Carson



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Benjamin Carsons Interview


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