Benjamin Britten

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Benjamin Britten

Benjamin BrittenNov. 22, 1913 - Dec. 4, 1976

Britten was a child prodigy. He composed many works before the age of 12.

Britten was the youngest of four children. He had 2 sisters, Barbara and Beth, and a brother, Robert.

Britten wrote symphonies, orchestras, chamber music, solo works, and operas. He was a composer, pianist, and conductor.

Britten combined words and music into his movements. One of his famous pieces was War Requiem.

Months before he died, Queen Elizabeth II made him a life peer in June 1976

Britten won many awards for his music; including a Grammy.

Britten spent 4 years(1931-1942) in the US and Canada while the war loomed over Europe. Music did not lack during this trip, wrote about 3 pieces while over there.


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