Benjamin Banneker

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Scientific Biographies

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Benjamin Banneker

A tobacco farm like Banneker worked on

A calculation of an ephemerides

Benjamin Banneker

mathematician, astronomer

Banneker made several almanacs like above

1700s telescope

• Served as scientific assistant to chief surveyor Andrew Ellicott• Both his father and grandfather were former slaves

• When he was 22, Banneker first gained fame for his construction of a timepiece, a wooden chiming clock

Spangenburg, Ray, Kit Moser, and Steven Otfinoski. "Banneker, Benjamin." African Americans in Science, Math, and Invention, Revised Edition, A to Z of African Americans. New York: Facts On File, Inc., 2012. African-American History Online. Facts On File, Inc. (accessed February 12, 2013

• Banneker is also known for helping to survey the territory that became the nation's capital, Washington, D.C.

• Banneker worked in the observatory tent, where he made and recorded astronomical observations

• They cited his work as “the powers of the mind are disconnected with the colors of the skin.”• The books he produced through 1797 went into several editions and were widely distributed


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