Bengal Tiger (by bebmanibusan18)

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Bengal Tiger (by bebmanibusan18)

Panthera tigris

Why are some Bengal Tigers white?

Anatomy of Pathera tigris

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger DietBengal Tigers are primarily carnivorous mammalian predators. Their diet ranges from termites to elephant calves.

- Tigers are the biggest and most powerful species in the cat family- They are exceptionally good swimmers, and can swim up to 6 kilometers- They can kill enemies or prey twice their size- Tigers hunt alone, usually at night- There are more tigers held privately as pets then there are in the wild

Tiger Lifestyle

Tiger Enemies!!The only real threat to tigers is humankind. We are responsible for allowing them to become endangered. Tigers are poached for medicinal use, their pelts, because of threats to livestock, or for sport.

Did you know?

Tiger habitats range from tropical forests, evergreen forests, ravines, woodlands, mangrove swamps, grasslands, savannas, and rocky country.

Tiger Relatives



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