Benefits of Physical Exercise

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Benefits of Physical Exercise

Benefits of physical excersise

The introduction of new people is extremely important benefit. By being introduced you start to become more social and interactive. Therefore you will usually make new friends and meet interesting people. Talking to people more often will help with your self-esteem and confidence.

Better sleep is also very beneficial. When someone gets a good nights sleep, in the morning (when they wake up)they will usually feel energetic and content, making them want to get out and do things. Whereas when someone has a very little amount of sleep they usually wake up okay but through the day they will feel drowsy and their brain won't function properly. People who don’t get enough sleep are more prone to having vehicle accidents, weight gain and risk for heart disease or diabetes and may be at increased risk for psychiatric conditions such as depression. This is why sleep is a very important benefit.

Having self confidence is extremely beneficial. If you have self-confidence usually you will be prepared to get out and do things, take risks and have fun. People with very little self-confidence are usually sitting by themselves instead of being outside introducing themselves to other people. Having low self confidence can lead to always being negative towards yourself and often leads to being quite shy.

I believe this is the most important benefit of all. You must have a sense of control in your life otherwise, you will end up no where with nothing and become very miserable. If you dont believe that you can achieve goals than this can lead to having a very low self- esteem which causes many things such as; depression, always thinking negatively and occasionally mood swings.

Increased Self-Confidence

A sense of control over your life and a belief that you can achieve goals if you try

Better Sleep

Introduction of new people

Improved self-image would have to be the second most important benefit (in my opinion). Having a good self- image can lead to many more benefits like; weight control, reduced stress level and decreased risk of heart disease or diabetes. Not only does an improved self-image help you physically but it can also help you mentally with you self-confidence and self-esteem. These are some of the reasons this is extremely beneficial.

Improved Self- Image

Don't be afraid to be yourself and stand out from the crowd.


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