Benefits of Natural Healthcare

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Benefits of Natural Healthcare

(Alternative Medicine, par. 12)

The Benefits of Natural Health Care


Plain and simple... it's better for you!

Natural is all about KEEPING your body healthy...not just masking the disorder!

Doesn't synthetic medicine work just as well?


Synthetic medication can actually cause more harm than good!

Numerous medications cause some sort of addiction… What was supposed to be a “quick fix” for an ailment or disorder has now turned into a life of drug use!Harmful side effects can cause extreme discomfort... or worse! Death and hospitalization are possibilities for some medications.

"The National Institutes of Health Spends some $14.5 Million anually on research."(Monmaney, par. 14).

How can we benefit?

Besides being beneficial for our health, natural healthcare can actually be beneficial for our economy.Natural medicine is cheaper to produce than chemicals that are built in a lab, and the abundance of natural medication is cheaper to disperse.

Don't be fooled!Despite what many critics say, there has been tons of research that has gone into the benefits of natural remedies to solidify the validity of the claims.

"Going green" with our health willimprove our well being, economic status, and prevent and cure present and future illnesses

Synthetic Chemicals are harder for our bodies to identify and break down.Many common disorders are treated more effectively by participating in exercise, a healthy diet, and a more consciences approach to remaining healthy.

"One hundred thousand Americans die every year from the effects of prescription medications"

(At least not in all, or even most, cases)

By Christy Suess


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