Benefits from Physical Activity

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Benefits from Physical Activity

Get Fit

My name is Jacob Currier, I am an Exercise Science major at the University of Maine. I have a passion towards fitness and have a desire to become a personal trainer while I work towards my ultimate goal of becoming a Physical Therapist.


Benefits of Exercise

-Controls weight-Combats health conditions and diseases -Improves mood-Boosts energy -Promotes better sleep -Can relieve stress -Can be fun

Get Creative

Getting active doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym for two hours a day, get creative with your exercises! Find whatever activity suits you best while it also being something you enjoy to do, whether that's running, biking, playing tennis, swimming, etc. Being active can definitely be a fun!

Find your Motivator

A key part of establishing an active lifestyle is finding a motivator. Whether that's working out with your best friend, trying to beat a personal goal, having a personal trainer, etc. The hardest part of getting active is finding the dedication of being committed to it. Once you get that down, you will certainly feel much better living an active life-style!


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