Benedect Arnold

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Benedect Arnold

Born:January 14, 1741Died:June 14, 1801


Arnold’s performance at the Battle of Lake Champlain rescued the Patriot cause from potential disaster. In May 1775, he helped launch an attack on the small British fort of Ticonderoga. A bloodless victory whith his appetite for military maneuvering and led to Washington appointing him commander of 1,100 men for a campaign against Quebec. Three hundred fifty miles the troops trudged through rain, snow, and ice, reduced to eating candles, dogs, and shoe leather. The Americans' march through the Maine wilderness earned Arnold the undying respect of his men and the nickname "America's Hannibal." During Arnold's recovery from a musket ball to the leg, Thomas Jefferson praised him before the Continental Congress He played a crucial role in hindering a British invasion from Canada into New York in the autumn.Arnold was zealous and encouraging and he was a Colonel of the Contanintal Army.


Birth and Death

How he is a hero



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