Bending light

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Bending light

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The purpose of the project I chose is to explain how light bends in different water solutions. I was interested in this experiment because I didn’t know that a light wave could bend and that the amount it bends, or the refraction, is different in different solutions.My Question: How much does light bend in sugar water, salt water, and bottled water?Hypothesis: I think the light will bend more in the salt water, than in the sugar water.

Bending Lightby Caleb Fails

Step 1. Gather materials. Fill 1 container with 1 cup of bottled water, fill the 2nd container with 1 cup of salt water solution, and fill the 3rd container with 1 cup of sugar water solution.Step 2. Place each container on the tiled floor next to the grout line. The grout ine will be used to determine how much the light has been refracted.Step 3. Point the laser along the grout line to test if the light travels in a straight line. Point the laser at the 1st container so the light shines through the water. Use the protractor to measure the angle of refraction. Repeat this step with salt water and sugar water.Step 4. Record your measurements.

Bottle Water





Salt Water

Sugar Water

In conclusion, my experiment proved that my hypothesis was correct. The light had more refraction in the salt water than in the sugar water. The refraction in the sugar water was 65° and the refraction in the salt water was 75°.In my research I found out that the refraction of light depends on the density of a solution. Salt water has a higher density than sugar water.


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