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Benazier Bhutto

On June 21 1952 Benizer Bhutto was born. Benizer Bhutto was elected in 1971 and she was Prime Minister until 1977.When Benizer Bhutto had to go to college, she went to Radcliffe College in the United States from 1969 to 1973.Also in 1993 to 1997, Benizer Bhutto went to Oxford University in the United Kingdom.In 1984, Benizer Bhutto went to England and stayed there.When Benizer came back from England, she was married to Asif Ali Zardari on December 18, 1987. It was a arranged marriage by her mother.When Benizer was in Rawalpndi (a city in Pakistan) she was assassinated on December 27, 2007. People are not exactly sure how she was killed, but some of the predictions are bombing, a shooting and a suicide attack. Benizer Bhutto was a very famous and extrodinary person.


BORN ~ June,21 1953ELECTED ~ On November 16th 1988 she became Prime MinisterASSASSINATED ~ On December 27 2007

One of Benizer Bhutto`s accomplishments as Prime Minister was when she wanted for women and girls to go to school. She wanted girls and women to go to school because when Benier Bhutto went to school, she was very successful. She wanted all the other girls and women of Pakistan to be successful like her. When Benizer Bhutto was younger, in Oxford University, she was the first Asian woman to be elected President of Oxford University!In University, Benizer Bhutto earned her degree in Politics, Philosphy and Economics.


Benizer Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto


The flag of Pakistan

FUN FACTDid you know that Benizer Bhutto got arrested more than once without an reason

FUN FACT Did you know that Benizer Bhutto had a autobiography written about her!

Her inspiration

Benier Bhutto's father, Zulflkar Ali Bhutto, was president of Pakistan. Benizer Bhutto's father inspired her to persue politics. One day her father died. She then wanted to be the first woman to be Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Benizer Bhutto childhood

Benizer Bhutto childhood


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