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Ben Mikaelsen

Elisha says, "You are inspiring and educational and I think this might be a good story name for your new book, 'The Story of Ben Mikaelsen'. "

Corey says,"When we Skyped with you it was the best day for me and my class mates and the teachers too."

A Skype Visit with Ben Mikaelsen

Rachel says," I thought it was really cool that you Skyped with our class. You are very nice and very funny."

Brittany says,"The stories you told were amazing. I especially like the story of when you saw the real spirit bear."

Troy says, "Buffy must like the snow up there."

Chris says, "When we Skyped with you I was excited."Justin says, "I liked the book called Touching Spirit Bear."

Robert says, "Thank you for Skyping with us. It was cool that we could see you in Montana."

Shereena says, "For 'Touching Spirit Bear', were you glad that you wrote the book? I was glad you wrote the book."

Ethan says, "I like your books. They are amazing!"

Ben says, "I had a really good time meeting you... When you said, I have a hard time spelling, I said, "I have a hard time spelling too'."

David says, "I felt happy and excited because we got to talk to you and become friends."


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