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Ben Jonson


Ben Jonson (1572-1637)

Ben Jonson was born in London, June 11th 1572, Jonson grew up as the son of a bricklayer, and was educated at Westminister School, after that he became a soldier and fought in the netherlands. Afterwards he became a playwright. He had a very aggressive personality, he oftenly fought over letters of criticism, even going so far as to kill a fellow actor after his first play was shown at the Curtain Theater. His most famous plays are "The Alchemist", "Volpone", and "Silent Women".

Unlike other poets and playwrights, Jonson was first taught to write Prose and then Poetry, which led to unpoetic phrases in some of his early works, which often resulted in criticism.Common themes of his work was that they showed how tough life can be or they included a very disotrted picture of the world.For example "The Alchemist" shows the cruelty of human nature being put to work, or "Volpone" being about an old, childless nobleman whose ruling passion is his Avarice. Jonson is considered to be a successor to Shakespeare and the 2nd most influential and important writer in the English language.






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