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Ben & Jerry's

It all started in Vermont...Ben and Jerry started off making ice cream by taking a $5 ice cream making course. Soon after they leased an old gas station in Burlington, Vermont in 1978 to make their first store. At the same time Ben and Jerry sold their pints on ice cream in a VW campervan to their local restaurants. Later in 1981 the first Ben and Jerry's ice cream franchise was opened on Route 7 in Shelburne, Vermont. In 2000 they sold the company to Unilever but the headquarters remains in Burlington.

Growing the Business:Today Ben and Jerry's has over 550 franchises over the entire world! Here are the stats:2012:US- 286Canada- 5 International- 486Company Owned: 72013:US- 259Canada- 5International- 346Company Owned- 122014:US- 245Canada- 5International- 330Company Owned: 14

Ben and Jerry's has special flavors in different countries. In example Satisfy My Bowl is only available in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.Minter Wonderland is only available in the UK and Ireland.Maccha Made in Heaven is only in Tokyo.

Although the stores have decreased in some areas they are seeking franchises internationally.


Here we have the first store!

This is the first franchise.

In order to start your own Ben and Jerry's you must have:-2 years of buisness managment experience-P and L Resposibility-Strong credit history-A college degree

The Money:The total investment is $155,985-$485,000Liquid cash: $100,000The franchise fee: $16,000-$37,000Royalty fee: 3%And the contract is renewed in 10 years.

Unfortunately Ben and Jerry's does not have a store close to us. I believe it has to do with the population.

Fun Fact 1:Tokyo has a flavor lab where “Flavor Gurus” create different flavors that are only at a scoop shop.

Fun Fact 2:Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was used to make the worlds largest sundae weighing 27,102 pounds!


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