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Ben Franklin

Ben had a normal child hood.He was the 10th child in his family and that means he has alot of siblings in his family. Also as a kid he diden't have much. The reason is because his parents where very poor. He was born Jan.17 , 1706 in Boston Massachusets. Ben loved to read and write. Ben went outdoors a lot. He mostly flew kites or swam. He did outdoor sports . He hated making candles with his dad and alone, but he would not be a rebel he would be a royal and follow his fathers footsteps to making candles.

Ben is known for all his inventions.Ben found out natures lightning . Ben invented paddles that you slip on to your feet and hand. Ben spent most of his time with his grandchildren. He was usually upset when his inventions did not work for him. Ben's inventions are important because they help our world to be much more easy.

Ben had a glorious adult life. He got to sign the Constitution in 1788. He was a postman. He wanted to end slavery back then. Ben also has a popular saying He snatched the lightning from the sky and the scepter from the tyrans. It was popular from 1788 to 1790. He also helped write the United States Constitution in 1783. He died in 1790 from a disease.



Adult life

1706 - born Jan 17

1790- Ben passes away

1724- sails to England

1787-helps write the United states constitution

1722- runs away

We must all hang together or must assuredly we shall all hang separately!

Ben is on a 100 dollar bill

Ben was a Governor

The Timeline

By,Veronica R. Pushkar

The One and Only,Ben Franklin.

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This is a portrait of Ben Franklin.


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