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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin was born in Boston. He only had 2 years of school because his family was poor. When he was 12, he started to work at his brother's printing press. At the age of 20, he moved to Philadelphia. There he wrote the Poor Richard's Almanac. When he was 24, he mared Deborah. They had 3 kids: Sarah, William and Franicis. He did his kite experiment that made him famous ,and that happened in june 1752. Two years later he made a political cartoon. It meant stay together against the king or die. In 1776, he signed the Declaration of Independence. In 1783, he made a treaty to make peace with Great Britain. Then the U.S.A was uncneded from Great Britin.In 1787, he helped set up our government. On April 17th, 1790, he died.


1-17-1706 Born1718 started working1726 move to Philadelphia1728 stared working at at hePennsylvania Gazette1737 becomes Postmaster of Philadelphia 1752 flying kite experiment1774 Constitution Convention meets1775 Revolutionary War begins1776 wrote the Declaration of independence1783 Revolutionary War ends4-17-1790 Died

He snagged lighting right out of the sky for the kite experiment. He also invented the first battery called the electric motor. Some other famous inventions are : the odometer, bifocals, the first clock with the second hand and a library chair. From his experiments, he found out that pollution hurts the environment.He also found ways to use insects for medicine and studied the Earth’s magnetic poles.Before the Revolutionary War , Ben Franklin wrote The Declaration Of Independence. This important document said the colonies wanted to be free from Great Britain’s taxes and power. He was a founding father of America. He got a medal from france that said “He snatched the lightning right from heaven and scepter from tyr


Benjamin Franklin inspires me because he earned a special metal and invented a lot. Ben was the one who invented light, if he didn’t invent light we would need a lot of candles. If no one did what Ben did we would be doing almost the same things as him. If Ben never did any of his inventions we wouldn't have the things we have. He also has the same name as my brother. Also, I use electricity which reminds me of Ben because he discovered electricity.


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Some Inventions

Ben franklin : the founder of electricity.


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