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Social Studies
World War II

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The Deathcamp located in southeastern Poland

BookWhat was it like in the Holocaust deathcamp? I found out that it was beyond horrid in these camps. to illustrate, you would arrive at the camp and immedietly strip yourself of everthing; your clothes, belongings, and valuables. They then turned over to the other nazis and proceed on. They were given false hope; told they had a small future up for them. Men were to build streets and houses, while women cooked and cleaned for the green police. For some, this was the only shine of hope they had left. Told that they were getting new beginnings, they shaved the hair off the women and girls. Too tired to fight back, they were lead to their false fate: The gas chambers. The Nazis inforned them that it was disinectant, that it was healthy for them and to take deep breathes of it. However, when they reached the room the smell gave it away. It was known. Jammed into a small room, they prayed and cried, banging onto the locked doors. In just 30 minutes, they were all dead. Children weren't spared any, sometimes they were killed even more brutally. "These were children whom I would think were aged between 2 and . The way Abraham killed the chidlren was brutal. he got hold of some children by the hair, lifted them off the ground, short them through the back of the head and threw them into the grave." Pg. 166, the Holocaust - Deathcamps

ComputerExplain how badly they impacted the Jewish. The deathcamp was terrifying, countless scarred by their past. On the Jewish Virtual Library I found out how greatly this impacted. The camp was extremely orderly, which in this case, unfortunatly meant more deaths. The camp was split in 2. "Belzec extermination camp was quite small, with a circumference of +- 1,220 yards. It was divided into two sections, each one surrounded by a barbed wire fence. There were guard towers all around the main perimeter. The first camp was split into two parts. The smaller area contained the administration buildings and the Ukrainians barracks. The larger part included the spur line which carried rail trucks into the camp, an expanse where the Jewish deportees were sorted into groups of men or women and children, the barracks where they were forced to undress and were shaven, storerooms for their clothes, personal objects, etc..., and huts for the Jewish workers who were employed by the SS to carry out the duties associated with the murder process." Jewish Virtual Library. The other half associated with death; gas chambers and burial pits. With an ordered camp, they were able to kill 1,300 Jews every 30 minutes. Which equates to over 64,000 Jews dead a day. During the time it was open, it was estimated that over 600,000 jews were killed and a few dozen thousands gypsies.

EncyclopediaIllustrate how Belzec was conducted. In Abwehr to Extermination camps I found out that it hdn't started offa s a death camp. After about 4 months into their labor camp their labor camp. they began to gas on March 17, of 1942. At the beginning "from mid-march 1942 to mid-may 1942, belzec had 3 gas hcambers in a wooden barrack with a double wall filled with sand. The gas chambers were half-lined with tin and equipped with 2 air tight doors, one for entry and one through which corpses were removed. The carbon monoxide gas was piped in from a diesel engine mounted outside. Once the gas chambers were filled and teh door shut, killing process took up to 30 minutes" pg.236 Some of the Jewish laborers who were taken from old transportations took teh corpses and dragged them to bury. The bodies would swell up for a few days, but after that, they would lie flat and be covered with dirt.

Belzec prisoner trying to escape

Jews are loaded onto a train headed for Belzec

The gas chamber disguised as a shower room

Corpses being pushed into the buriel pits

Pathway leading into the shower rooms

Gypsie woman begging Belzec guards not to kill her

Burial pits are raided for leftover valuables

This is the site of murder ofo about 500,000 victims of the Belzec Death Camp. Established for the purpose of killin ghte Juews of Europe whose lives were usually taken between February and December 1942 by Nazi Geremnay.Earth do not cover my blood.Let there be no resting place for my outcry.Job 16:18

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