Beluga Whale

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Beluga Whale

Why is the Beluga Whale Threatened? A belugas entire life, revolves around the sea ice, where they feed and hide from predators. Due to the climate change the ice is disappearing and the belugas can not adapt very quickly. Ships used for oil and gas devolpment create increased noise which makes it difficult for belugas to communicate with other marine mammals causing accidents with other whales. Also these ships bring greater pollution and chance of oil or fuel spills. Another threat to the beluga whale is noise pollution from shipping, industrial, marine and military activities in the ocean. The belugas rely on sound for communication and any interruption from noise pollution prevents the whales from finding food, mates, their direction in the water, taking care of their young and staying away from predators like the orca whale.

Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale

What Geographical Location is Affected?The geographical location affected by the endangred beluga whales are the arctic ocean and attached seas which include, Bering and Beaufort Seas, The Gulf of Alaska, Baffin & Hudson Bay and The Golf of St. Lawrence.

How Many Beluga Whales are Left?There are only 150,000 Beluga Whales left in the world.

What is Being Done to Preserve The Beluga Whale?The WWF in the Arctic is working to protect the Beluga whales by controlling shipping measures and preventing oil spills and creating fast clean-up of them.The International Whaling Commission (IWC) controls whaling and handles threats to whales like the Beluga, that include, shipping, climate change and hunting. The WWF is forcing the IWC to lessen the many threats to the Beluga besides just whaling. WWF has also teamed up with the Natural Resource Defense Council and Ocean Conservation Research to bring attention to and combat the threat of ocean noise on mammals like the Beluga. The campaign they have created is called, "Don't Be A Buckethead." Man-made noise affects marine animals like putting a bucket on your head. When Belugas can't hear they can't live!

Beluga WhaleThe Beluga is one of the smallest whales between 13 to 20 feet long and weighs between 2,000 to 3,000 pounds. Belugas live, hunt and travel with other belugas in groups, known as pods. They are a white whale that has a round forehead that can change shape, called a "melon". The Belugas have a flexible neck and can turn their head in all directions. They communicate with other marine mammals through chirps, whistles, squeals and clicks. They are important to the health of the Arctic Ocean and Seas. The Belugas are at the top of the food chain and rely on sea ice to live.

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